Welcome to learninghabits! This site was developed to help teachers guide their students toward more effective learning practices by teaching them how to learn. Metalearning—learning to learn—helps students become more self-reflective, more self-motivated and more self-directed in their approaches to education.

We’ve called this site learninghabits because one of our primary aims is to change students’ habits of thinking about learning. Instead of seeing learning as merely the acquisition of knowledge and skills, our learning activities help motivate students to see learning as their deliberate development of new habits of thinking and acting, integrated into their daily lives. We seek to create in students a life-long passion for learning that will meaningfully improve quality of life.

One purpose of this site is to give you easier access to videos and materials we share or reference in our conference presentations.  Click the MetaLearning and Learning Assessment links in the menu above to view resources for those respective talks. Under the last tab, you can find a downloadable, editable copy of the Self-Assessment of Increases in Learning (SAIL) instrument, ready to be customized for your own use. To get started with the Student Assessment for their Learning Gains (SALG), visit

We are very pleased to have had Andrew Chang present a poster on MetaLearning and the SALG at the 2012 APA Conference in Orlando, FL. Click here to view:
Metalearning: How is Student Learning Impacted by Learning about Learning?
Analysis of Writing Course Performance Using the SALG

We also have a LearningHabits YouTube channel with the videos we’ve made about How to Help Students Become Self-Directed Learners.

This site was built by Dr. Stephen Carroll and Dr. Melissa Ganus. More details about us on the About page. If you have any questions, please feel free to email either of us:
step.carroll -at-
ganus.research -at-

Thank you for your interest. We’ll hope to hear from you! This is a new site for us, so we’d welcome your comments and feedback below or in email!


2 thoughts on “Greetings

  1. I saw your TED-Ed video today. I liked it and would like to use it for a Keys to College Success Course I’ll be teaching in the fall…I was wondering, most TED-ED videos can be flipped and edited by another user to meet the needs of another audience…I didn’t see that capability on your presentation. Do you not offer that? Thank you. Cathy

  2. Interesting. Montessori has this metacognitive thing throughout and integrated so it’s part of the students’ learning the whole time. Can you consider linking their methodology somehow to the work you are doing?

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