About Us:

Dr. Melissa “Mel” Ganus is passionate about helping people learn skills and develop habits that improve quality of life, for themselves and for others they care about.  Mel’s background is unique, with extensive interdisciplinary education and experience in corporate, nonprofit and higher education sectors; she draws on her diverse perspectives and network of resources to help develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

In her faculty development work, she’s been delighted to help educators in their efforts to create more significant learning within the limits they have. With her broad background, she delights in bringing new educational tools, resources and activities to those who could use them. Her research has focused on how emotional intelligence can be used to enhance college teaching and learning, including finding ways to trigger useful analytical thinking even when emotions are getting “distracting.”

With Dr. Carroll, Mel has been working on metalearning, the SALG, and presentations of interactive sessions at teaching and learning conferences around the country — all toward making it easier for instructors and their students to succeed in their education efforts. She is an enthusiastic educator in almost all her conversations (*especially on airplanes*), learning about other people’s goals and giving them resources that could help them make more progress quickly.

Mel is eager for the chance to give you resources that could make your work and lives less stressful and more satisfying. For more about Mel, you can check out what she’s been posting @DrMelGanus on Twitter, learn more about Mel’s interdisciplinary background by looking at her curricula vitae or see her zanier side on her Facebook page.


Dr. Stephen Carroll’s current projects focus on intersections of pedagogy, technology, assessment, writing, and learning. He is the co-director of the Professional Writing Program at Santa Clara University. He also serves as the faculty director for the Alpha Residential Learning Community. He has developed and taught a number of experimental, cross-disciplinary pilot courses to explore new ways to enhance student learning. He moonlights as a science writer for the National Science Foundation, having completed two reports on their Undergraduate Research Centers/Collaboratives project. His strong background in information technology stems from many years in the corporate world, where he served as a computer operations manager, help desk manager and technical training manager. In addition to his work revamping the Student Assessment of their Learning Gains (SALG) instrument and website, Stephen is investigating using course-specific writing practices to enhance learning in the sciences. His recent publications focus on how to use assessment practices to drive innovation in teaching and learning and on leveraging existing technologies to enhance communication and accelerate learning, especially in undergraduate learning communities. His current research focuses on how metalearning and metacognition improve student learning.


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